Studies demonstrate that flame retardants in the plastic casings of electronic products materially advance consumer product safety. A study that evaluated televisions (TVs) meeting U.S. standards for flammability against other less stringent fire safety standards in Brazil and Mexico and found that televisions manufactured for the U.S. market were more resistant to external ignition than the others.*

Notably, in four out of the six trials from the study, the external casings of the televisions with flame retardants did not achieve sustained ignition. In the instances when ignition did occur, it required more than 10 times the energy to cause flame retardant televisions to ignite.

* Blais, M., and Carpenter, C. 2014. Combustion Characteristics of Flat Panel Televisions With and Without Fire Retardants in the Casing. Fire and Technology 51: 19-40.


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