Below are links to a series of member company videos that help to visually demonstrate the effectiveness of flame retardants, which are widely-recognized as an important tool in the fire safety tool box that can provide the first line of defense for fire safety. Along with other tools such as sprinklers and smoke detectors, they have made a real difference in reducing fire injuries and deaths even as fuel loads and potentially flammable materials have increased dramatically in households and public spaces over recent decades.

Albemarle Corporation: Featured Videos

These videos shows the diversity of flame retardants and their effective applications to a variety of materials. Specifically, the burn test that compares a plastic foam sample (PUR) treated with flame retardants and an untreated sample show their impact in slowing the spread of fire. PUR is used for insulation material, as well as in upholstered furniture or in cars, trains and planes seats.

Chemtura: How Firemaster® 550 Flame Retardant Works

This burn test shows the benefits of treating flexible polyurethane foam, used for cushioning in upholstered furniture, with Firemaster 550 flame retardant to reduce flammability. Firemaster 550 provides the same or better flame retarding properties as earlier products, but with an improved environmental profile that meets all U.S. regulatory standards.

Televisions and Flame Retardants

The following video shows the difference between televisions that are treated with flame retardants and those that are not treated with the chemistries. The difference flame retardants can make is quite impressive.


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